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The Full Story


Langfeng Technologies Co., Ltd is a marine technology company dedicated to the integration of research, design, production, and development.  Focus on the industrial application of intelligent underwater robots, deep-sea equipment, marine stereo observation networks, and various underwater environment unmanned detection equipment.


Who we are?


Langfeng Technologies company has the entire industrial chain of underwater robots from R&D, manufacturing to products.

5000 square meters of robot assembly and debugging workshop, more than 500 square meters of test dock.

Equipped with cranes, gantry cranes, forklifts, test ships and other professional equipment to provide support for the research and development team's sea trials.

Our Research team members are more than 40 people, all from China's top marine engineering universities, including 25masters, 8 Ph. D.s and 1 professor.

Have represent China take particated in many international robot competations and won the Champion in Robosub.


What we do?

Langfeng Technologies with high-end marine equipment research and development, design, manufacturing and technical services as the main business, the products cover marine exploration and monitoring equipment, marine inspection equipment, marine emergency operation equipment, and marine leisure equipment, which are widely used in marine. It is widely used in the fields of marine environment monitoring, marine rescue and salvage, marine oil, marine pasture, marine leisure, underwater camera, and so on.



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