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LF AUV 1000H

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Submarine target search and detection and micromorphological scanning

This submersible is a loadbearing platform, which is equipped with energy systems, control systems, power promotion systems, navigation positioning systems, communication systems, avoidance systems, safety selfrescue systems, and sensor systems. The submersible has the following characteristics:

(1) The design and processing idea of using composite materials for the boat body structure. Compared with the traditional steel frame interface, it has the advantages of the same volume weight and high strength;

(2) The main push system applies the latest independently developed fully vector propulsion system developed by the team, which improves the movement control efficiency and control accuracy of the submersible.

(3) The head design has a cable throwing float system, which improves the safety of recycling submersible under high sea conditions;

(4) The submersible is designed with 8 pressureresistant compartments, which realizes the concept of modular design according to the function, and facilitates the modular carrying and fault maintenance of thousands of equipment;

(5) For the first time, the ship AIS system was applied to the submersible to add the auxiliary communication and positioning means for the recovery of the submersible.

The submersible is mainly used for submarine target search and detection and micromorphological scanning.

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