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March 18, 2022


Langfeng Technologies company have ended successfully as an Exhibitor at the OI Exhibition in London, 15-17th March, 2022! We have received strong interest from several companies to work together and we will continue to communicate closely after the show.


Langfeng Technologies at Oceanology International Exhibition 2022 in London

Time: 15-17 th March 2022

Ort: Excel London, Royal Victoria Dock,

          1 Western Gateway, Royal Docks,

          London E16 1XL, United Kingdom

          Exhibited Products: Short baseline positioning system, Depth gauge, Half-duplex communication system , Hull cleaner ROVs Audio-visual materials and paper brochures.

Exhibitor:Langfeng Technologies Co., Ltd

Mr. Arnaud Burcez, France Regional Commercial Representative


Oceanology International is the leading forum to connect with the world's marine science and ocean technology communities. Oceanology International’s world-class exhibition and conference help bring together marine professionals, businesses and organisations to improve their strategies for measuring, developing, protecting and operating in the world’s oceans.


14th March:

Mr. Arnaud Burcez arrived at the venue on the 14th, the exhibits and other required promotion items were delivered to the venue through OI's official logistics. We arranged the venue and everything was ready, waiting for the visitors on the 15th.

15 th March:

The show starts slowly because we are in located in the Future Tech Area, it is the back of the exibithion. First real lead at 11:20 AM.  After it’s a regulary flow up to the closing.



16 th March:

Similar as the day before. First lead at 11:19 AM. More visitors arrived in the afternoon.


17 th March:  

The show close at 4:30 PM instead 6:00 PM Small day.

Most interesting visitors are underwater contractors and ports services companies. They asked and learned about how operate the robot: purchasing or operate service. Our ROV robot is in front a good demand for hull cleaning service.  

Vistors cared about also where our machine operate. Now our machine working in Qingdao and Tianjin Port for 2 years. They believe but one machine in Europe can be a good advantage. We are also planning to do this, but the machine size is not small, we need time to refine and implement the plan. 

Some companies are asking for just a service because they have the demand for cleaning bi pipes (inside and outside), like drilling platform etc. Our machine can handle drilling platform pipe or underwater pipe when the area is 1*2m better.

Langfeng as a specialist of cleaning with different size and shape of robots, specialist of technical ROV, cleaning, inspection appeals many underwater service companies visitors, we will communicate closely and solve problems to achieve long-term cooperation.

In addition to ROV cleaning robots we also produce AUV, USV, WG, Navigation and other underwater intelligent products, welcome to ask us for more information.

We are professional, we care your ships, we remove all marinegrowth.

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