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The Upgraded LF ROV Hullcleaner will be tested in sea in September, 2022. 

1st September, 2022

We will have a online show on Youtube to test this LF ROV machine underwater Hull cleaning performance in October, to show the ROV ability to clean ship' hull. Welcome to watch our online show on Youtube. Our Youtube Channel: LF Hull Cleaning Robot 
You can subcribe us directly, when we start to online living show, you will receive our info at first time.
Youtube link:

LF rov cable.JPG
ROV Camera.JPG

One LF ROV01 at Factory in repairment and maintenance.

This LF rov Hullcleaner has been used for 3 years, now the customers send it back to factory for maintenance and repairment, during the 3 years we have continutely upgrade the machine's performance, now it works very stabil, after this week's upgrading, the machine will continue to use.

LF Hullcleaner (2).JPG
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