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Product advantages:

Motion mode

The robot has two modes:

(1)ROV mode

When the system is in ROV mode, the ARV has the function of automatic depth control and automatic navigation control.

(2) AUV mode (navigation and positioning equipment required)

When the system is in AUV mode, routes can be prefabricated and the ARV can be autonomously maneuvered along the prefabricated routes.


Image system

(1) Optical image system

The camera is located in the front part of the robot, 1080P webcam, supports RTSP mode and transmission delay is less than or equal to 300ms.

(2) Sonar image system

Sonar image is located in the front of the robot, the image sonar model is blueprint subsea, with 750khz/1.2mhz dual frequency function, horizontal beam angle 130 degrees, vertical beam angle 20 degrees, 512 beam, 4mm distance resolution, can observe underwater targets up to 120m away,   suitable for a wide range of investigation, is a typical image sonar image. The target in the white box is frogman. In practical use, the camera image and the sonar image are displayed simultaneously on different screens of the triple-screen industrial controller.

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