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Compared with Traditional Cleaning

The traditional Hull cleaning method is time consuming and laborious, with high requirements for the working environment, sea conditions and other conditions, large labor costs, and there are potential personnel safety risks. 

LF Hullcleaner has underwater independent positioning, one-key depth and adaptive adherent function; Single cleaning efficiency reaches 2000㎡ / h. Clean with cavitation jet, does not damage structural paint. Use seawater as cleaning medium, clean and environmentally friendly;   It has 7 * 24-hour full-time operation capacity.


Compared with the same type of products in the market, LF hullcleaner has the advantages of wide service range, high degree of information technology, simple and portable operation, high volume cleaning efficiency, gravity recovery, efficient distribution and so on. Support customized service, improve after-sales, and support operating system upgrade.

Compared with the traditional technology, the advantage of LF rov robot is that the ship does not need to enter the shipyard, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the ship and saves the ship maintenance cost, compared with entering the shipyard for cleaning, it saves about 2/3 of the cost. At the same time, it does not require personnel to operate underwater, reducing the risk to personnel and ensuring the safety of the operation. LF rov can operate continuously for long periods of time, it can clean in extremely cold and dangerous environments, which is impossible for human beings to do, and can save cleaning time. LF rov can also achieve autonomous navigation, real-time monitoring of operations, video and photo recording, and improve the construction process.

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