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LF ROV01 Hullcleaner

Fouling organisms can heavily encrust the hulls of ships, negatively affecting speed performance and leading to increased fuel consumption, after using the LF ROV01 hullcleaner, the speed of the vessels can be increased by one knot, the fuel consumption can be saved by up to 40%, and the regeneration of marine growth can be greatly slowed down....

  • LF rov Hullcleaner is the first commercial underwater cleaning robot in China

  • Cavitation flow jet form instead traditional brush method, will not damage the ship’s expensive paint

  • With High Precision underwater positioning System, prevent strong magnetic influences.

  • LF ROV01 Hullcleaner size is 175*115*75cm, is convenient to handle large ships and medium ships.

  • by operation only need 50kw power supply, 8 ton crane, 20m tugboat,  3-4  operators.   

  • Working efficiency 1500㎡/h,whilst cargo or bunker fuel operations are underway, at inner and outer anchorages can also be used, in most weather conditions. operation 24/7.

Langfeng Technologies is mainly focused on ROV underwater Hull cleaning machine and Marine exploration and monitoring equipment. AUV, WG, USV, Submarine Probe, Oil and Gas Detector, etc.

LF ROV Hullcleaner can clean up to 1500 square meters per hour, removing over 12cm of Barnacles and other marine growth. 500% faster than diver cleaning. No divers need, equipped with 6 cameras in front and rear, from PC control panel can monitor the situation underwater.


A Controller is for controlling the robot's movement and working. During working Robot is equipped with a 250m(can be extended) zero-buoyancy cable. And the robot is connected to a High-pressure pump by a high-pressure Pipe.


The robot uses the suction generated by itself to attach to the hull, and works with two cleaning discs that spray adjustable high-pressure seawater jets at very high speed directly onto the hull to remove waste without the need for scrubbing, harsh chemicals, or abrasive materials required by traditional methods.


Unlike traditional brush cleaning, LF Hullcleaner uses high-pressure nozzles for cleaning, thus Cavitation leaving expensive antifouling surfaces smooth, intact, and undamaged.


The ROV's orientation sensor and depth sensor can keep the robot going straight and in a precise direction, whether in poor visibility or on the bottom of the ship, preventing the machine from going off course and repeating the cleaning path. High quality and high precision gyroscopes can prevent ferromagnetic environment influence during the cleaning process underwater, which can save time and improve efficiency.

We are professional, we care your ships, we remove all marinegrowth.



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